Dodge City, KS Heavy Snow – 12/13/2015

Heavy snow fell in Dodge City, Kansas Sunday evening. Thundersnow was also observed. The area was under a winter storm warning for the expected snowfall.

Shot List

1) A mother with her kid, pushes a shopping cart through heavy snow.

2) A woman loads groceries into her vehicle as heavy snow falls.

3) A worker pushing shopping carts in parking lot at a grocery store.

4) A worker helping a man out with his groceries in the snow.

5,6) POV shots of traffic driving in the snow.

7) Stop sign with snow.

8) Heavy snow falling as vehicle passes.

9,10) A bobcat plowing snow in a parking lot.

11) Snow falling against lights.

12) Bobcat plowing snow.

13) Vehicles passing as snow falls.

14) Snow falling against lights.

15) Bobcat pushing snow.

16) Impala on right side of frame losses control and hits the curb.

17) A vehicle that can make it uphill needs a tow rope to help out.

18) Car covered in snow.

19,20) Shots of people pumping gas with heavy snow falling.

21) A snowplow backs up due to a semi truck that is stuck ahead.

22) One stuck semi truck with another one backing up to find an alternate route.

23) Snowplow backing up through intersection.

24) POV shot following behind a snowplow.

25) Snowplow clearing snow from highway.

26) Heavy snow falling.

27) SUV stuck in a ditch after a slide off.

28) POV shot of heavy snow falling as traffic passes along the highway.

29,30) Shots of a semi truck stuck on the shoulder of the highway.

31) Impala stuck in the snow after sliding off the highway.

32) Mini van stuck in the snow after sliding off the highway.

33) Semi truck driver in cab of truck after he slide off the highway into a ditch.