Kansas City, MO Metro Wintery Rain moves into the region. 11/29/2015

Kansas City has seen a day of wintery cold rain with temps ranging around the 35-36 degree line and the freezing line just to the north and west of the Metro. Between the rain and the tire spray from the cars driving on the Interstates visibility was down to around a mile give or take quarter mile making for difficult driving conditions.

1. Medium zoomed shot of downtown KC in a winter rain with the cloud deck lower then the buildings

2 – 6. Wide, Medium, close up driving shots of i35 southbound of wet rainy conditions with low visibility

7 – 8. Wide and close up shot of a time and temperature bank clock showing the temp hovering just above freezing around 36 degrees

9. Static medium shot of the lights on the Country Club Plaza

10. Close up shot of people standing in front of a restaurant on the Country Club Plaza

11. Driving shot of the lights on the Cheesecake Factory restaurant on the Country Club Plaza