Kansas City Metro Morning Rain – 11/30/2015

As the next winter storm system sweeps through the midwest, Kansas City Metro experienced a morning of cold rain on the warm side of the system. The rain pushed through at the end of rush hour leaving people walking through downtown and driving in low visibility conditions.

1. Driving shot of downtown KC with buildings covered by the low clouds and rain

2. KC city workers working through the cold rain in downtown

3 – 7. Wide and Medium shots eople walking through downtown KC in the cold rain

8 – 9. Wide and Close up shots of a banks time and temperature of the morning

10 – 12. Wide, Close, and Medium shots of the tall buildings in downtown KC with a low cloud rain deck

13 – 15. Wide, Medium, close shots of the driving conditions on i29 with rain and tire spray

16. Driving shot cars driving through minor flooding on the road