Large Wedge Tornado, Hail and Storm Damage from Southwest Kansas 11/16/2015

This video package covers the storm that dumped hail in Liberal, then went out to produce a tornado for over an hour, moving across nearly 50 miles of southwest Kansas and managed to avoid doing any major damage to towns along the way.

PART 1 (0:00-1:47) Kismet, KS Large Tornado (50 miles south of Garden City)

Video includes footage shot along US-54 near Kismet. Tornado was approximately 2 miles north of highway running parallel to the highway.

Scene 1: Shot during early stages of tornado when it was in its multivortex stage.

Scene 2: Driving shot of multivortex developing tornado.

Scene 3: Developing dust bowl to the north of the highway, shot while driving.

Scene 4: Embedded shot of cone with dust bowl.

Scene 5-7: Various low-light shots of insane structure with wedge tornado barely visible as the mesocyclone is almost on the ground.

PART 2 (1:48-3:21) Ensign, KS Nighttime wedge/damage

The Kismet tornado continued on the ground all the way here to Ensign where it crossed it crossed US-56 taking a semi down and completely blocking the highway. Ensign is 13 miles southwest of Dodge City.

Scenes 8-9: Lightning illuminates very large tornado just to the east of Ensign, KS. You may need to slow down the shots here to really show the tornado, but very visible in realtime.

Scenes 9-16: Various shots of the semi blocking US-56 east of Ensign. The driver was unhurt, but traffic was completely blocked. Shots include semi with emergency vehicles.

PART 3 (3:21-4:55) Liberal, KS Daytime Hail and Wind

Scenes 17-18: Cloud shots of storm.

Scene 19: Scuddy funnel-like cloud.

Scene 20: Cars at a gas station in Liberal.

Scene 21: Hail starts falling in Liberal.

Scene 22-23: POV driving shots as hail falls and covers road near Liberal.

Scene 24-25: Cars on hail covered highway near Liberal.

Scene 26-27: POV driving shots of high winds, rain, and hail