Benton, Iowa Tornado and Severe Storms Footage 11/11/2015

Tornado and storm chasing footage shot during afternoon daylight near town of Benton, IA on November 11, 2015.

Shot list:

1. POV shot looking at large cone funnel cloud/possible tornado 2-3 miles north of Benton, IA

2. POV shot looking at large lowering moving toward shooter near Centerville, IA

3. wide shot of high winds blowing hail and heavy rain next to house near Benton, IA

4. pushed in shot of high winds driving hail and heavy rain near Benton, IA

5. wide POV shot of rotating wall cloud approaching road near Benton, IA

6. POV driving shot as heavy rain and hail from powerful storm overtakes road near Benton, IA

7. POV driving shot of street flooding with cars splashing water in Centerville, IA