Icy Roads and blowing snow cause several cars to crash in Evans, CO 11/11/2015

A fast moving snowstorm hit Northern Colorado overnight with blizzard warnings and winter weather warnings covering most of Eastern Colorado. This video is from the Greeley and Evans Colorado area which received 5.5 inches of snow overnight, coupled with the wind in the rural areas which made for a very slick morning commute. This is the first measurable snowfall in Northern Colorado, and seems to have caught some drivers off guard.


First part shot near Evans, Colorado

Clip 1 Long shot of a ice covered road and a red loses control and slides into the ditch.

Clip 2 Silver Scion minivan goes off road and crashes into a power pole.

Clip 3 White SUV starts to slide out of control but regains control.

Clip 4 Dark colored SUV starts to slide out of control but regains control.

Clip 5 A silver passenger car flies off road and into a field.

Clip 6 A snow plow heading towards the camera tries to clear the road, ends up blasting the Scion as a SUV pulls the silver car towed back onto road and it almost gets into another wreck.

Clip 7 Snow plow driving away from the camera with traffic.

Clip 8 POV shot of snow blowing across road.

Clip 9 POV Driving shot with a truck off in the ditch and abandoned.

Clip 10 traffic with snowfall in Greeley

Clip 11 snow covered county road w/ two trucks

Clip 12 flag in wind with snow falling

Clip 13 man shoveling snow in Evans