Snow Overtaking Pumpkins in Rice Lake, WI 10/28/2015

First taste of winter in Northwestern WI. Dropping temps switched the rain all over to all snow this evening.
Clip 1. Bank temp.
Clip 2. Snow building up on the wrong way sign.
Clip 3. Snow falling and sticking to the cars.
Clip 4. Snow on pumpkins.
Clip 5. Closer view of snow on the pumpkins.
Clip 6-7. Snow on grass with falling snow.
Clip 8. Snow on a bush.
Clip 9. Flag blowing the wind with snow falling.
Clip 10 Closer view of the flag blowing in the wind with snow falling.
Clip 11. Snow falling and the grass is getting white.
Clip 12. Snow on a pine tree.
Clip 13.  Snow on another pumpkin.