Minneapolis, MN Hot Fall Temps And Skyline Virga – 10/19/2015

Video Footage Highlighting the return of very warm above average fall temperatures for mid October in the Twin Cities region as well as the weather phenomena called "Virga" which is visible precipitation that evaporates before reaching the ground base, as captured occurring directly over the downtown Minneapolis skyline this early evening from passing high based showers.

Video Footage Includes:

1. Minneapolis Digital Thermometer reading 72F with date and time.

2. People enjoying the still flowing waterfalls in Northeast Minneapolis which typically shut down October 1st, owing to the record warmth so far this fall!

3. Skate boarder and walkers passing by in shorts on October 19th in Minneapolis.

4. People playing Tennis at a local court dressed as if it were typical of mid Summer heat.

5. Large Virga Streaks from showers over the Minneapolis Skyline.

6. Virga close up with buildings.

7. A more robust Virga shaft dances across the skyline.