High Winds & Surf Tower Camera Footage from Lake Worth FL – 10/19/2015

High winds and surf pound the east coast of Florida. Shots from the William O. Lockhart Municipal Pier showing the near gale force NE winds off the Atlantic ocean. High winds and surf. People fishing and pulling in fish off pier in high winds. Beach erosion shots.

Shot list:
1) Shot of people fishing from pier as winds blow plastic bag around.
2) People fishing in high wind and surf as guy pulls in fish.
3) Waves pound side of pier as bird takes refuge on rail.
4) Another shot of pier.
5) Umbellas tied up but still vibrating in the wind.
6) Wide shot of pier and Atlantic ocean with high surf.
7) Wide shot of beach looking south.
8,9) Tighter shots of beach showing beach erosion.
10) Woman at shoreline retreats from high surf.
11,12) More beach erosion shots.