Dramatic video Columbia, SC Flooding aftermath – 10/5/2015

The historic flooding continued in Columbia, SC with cleanup attempts in various portions of the city.  In areas that the water was covering yesterday, now show the devastation.

Shot 1 shows a truck that was washed away and trapped under a bridge.

Shot 2 shows a car that was washed downstream with a red x on it

Shot 3 shows a business completely destroyed by the flooding

Shot 4 shows a wide shot of the businesses destroyed by the flooding

Shot 5 shows water the completely breached a damn with a powerline stuck inside

Shot 6 shows the aftermath of powerful flood waters

Shot 7 shows a coast guard chopper helping do rescues

Shot 8 shows sand bags being brought in by the National Guard

Shot 9 shows damage to a local pottery factory

Shot 10 is a closeup of a Jesus and Statue Of Liberty design