10/4/2015 Ocean City, MD Coast Flooding Waves

Hurricane Joaquin continues to put distance between the U.S. East Coast, but its effects are being felt all up and down the coast.  With historic flooding continuing across South Carolina, coastal flooding is being recorded all the way up into the Delmarva Peninsula.  Coastal Flood Warnings continue through Monday night in the region as more wind and rain will fall in the area.

South of Ocean City into Virginia, the Chincoteague Causeway, the road linking the Eastern Shore to Chincoteague Island, was closed at 3pm Sunday as several nearby roads were inundated Sunday afternoon.

At the opposite end of the Virginia Eastern Shore, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel also had travel restrictions. As of 3pm Sunday, restrictions were at level 2, meaning winds in excess of 47 mph had been measured.

Video package shot in Ocean City, Maryland through the day on Sunday.  Video includes cell phone footage taken through the area.

Part 1 (0:00-2:01) Normal 1920×1080 Footage

Scene 1: Coastal flooding shots in Ocean City.

Scene 2: Hard waves hitting the Ocean City pier.

Scene 3-4: Various shots of coastal flooding in Ocean City.

Scene 5-6: Wide shots of hard waves off the coast in Ocean City.

Scene 7-8: Shots of waves hitting the OC fishing pier.

Part 2 (2:02-3:19) Up/Down Cell Phone Footage, Converted for 1920×1080 use.

Scene 9-15: Vertical cell phone shots converted to HD widescreen includes footage footage of coastal flooding and waves.