10/1/2015 Lancaster, PA Tornado Damage

In the early morning hours of September 30th, an EF-1 tornado touched down in East Hempfield township in western Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. There was damage to some residential areas and to a industrial warehouse right next to U.S. highway 30. A detailed report can be found on the NWS State College, Pa website.

Scene 1: Pan out from broken light structure

Scene 2: Sign showing address of damaged buildings

Scenes 3 & 4: Close up views of tree snapped in half

Scenes 5 & 6: Windows on top level of barn missing.

Scenes 7 through 14: Various views of trees with branches broken off

Scene 15: Wide view of parking lot with debris in background & parking lot partially cleared.

Scene 16: Damage to house gutters and debris on grounds

Scenes 17 through 20: Cut off tree with roots exposed

Scene 21: Pan from left to right showing tree with branches broken off, debris on ground by building and parking lot and equipment on lot.

Scene 22: Debris (broken limbs and branches) on ground with building in background

Scene 23: Close up of cut tree on ground with exposed muddy roots

Scene 24: Close up of damaged rain spout on building and broken pieces of roof

Scenes 25 through 27: Walkway with destroyed barn on left and tree branches on right blocking walkway.

Scenes 28 through 31: Pieces of roof from barn on ground, destroyed barn, broken branches blocking walkway.

Scene 32: Broken light candles in broken lighting assembly

Scene 33: Destroyed barn with intact barn in background

Scene 34: Pieces of metal roof scattered in field

Scene 35: Industrial building with hole in side and equipment.

Scene 36 & 37: Broken parking lot light on ground

Scene 38 & 39: Pile of metal from roof of building

Scene 40 : shot across U.S. Highway 30 showing multiple trees snapped in half.