9/30/2015 Truckee & Lake Tahoe, CA Wet Autumn Day

The final day of September brought unusually wet conditions to drought-stricken areas of far eastern California.  Forecasts keep the chance of rain through Thursday with upwards of an inch possible in a few areas.  The rain will take a break for the early part of the weekend before returning chances on Sunday into early next week.  Hints of autumn are also showing up in the region as many trees are starting to turn as the weather finally cools.  Temperatures were in the upper 60s and low 50s in the region with the overcast skies and rain showers.

Video package includes two locations, the first being Truckee, California roughly 30 miles west of Reno, Nevada along I-80 and the second along the northern portions of Lake Tahoe, California (the town of Kings Beach).

PART 1 (0:00-3:27) Truckee, California

Scenes 1-3: Establishing shots of rain in the mountains between Truckee and Reno.

Scene 4-6: Various shots of rain falling against trees.

Scene 7: Shots of rain drops in a puddle in a Truckee parking lot.

Scene 8-9: Traffic on wet roads in Truckee.

Scene 10: Man walking his dog in a hoodie.

Scene 11-14: Shots in a Truckee park of people playing fetch with a dog and a woman walking along a tree line.

Scene 15-23: Various shots of leaves turning gold and red in and around Truckee.

PART 2 (3:28-5:57) Kings Beach, California (northern Lake Tahoe)

Scene 24-25: Establishing shots looking over Lake Tahoe with overcast skies.

Scene 26-37: Various shots of people on Kings Beach along the northern part of Lake Tahoe enjoying the break in the rain and even a peak or two of sun.

Scene 38-39: Wide shots of the lake and beach with overcast skies.