8/9/2015 Kingsbury County, SD Extreme Winds / Storm Damage B-Roll

Footage of the severe storm that hit Kingsbury County, SD with a possible micro-burst or downdraft picking up a travel trailer across the road from me and throwing it over 50 feet into a farm field. There were no drag marks in the bean field.

Clip 1 Wide view of the storm moving north of De Smet, SD.

Clip 2 Tighter pan shot of the storm north of De Smet, SD.

Clip 3 Tight shot of the leading edge of the storm north of De Smet, SD.

Clip 4 POV Shot of driving in heavy rain.

Clip 5 High winds and heavy rain blowing across the road.

Clip 6 Driving east on Highway 14 with the wind just east of Lake Preston. Near zero visibility as the rain is blowing past the truck while still driving 40 mph.

** The following clips were shot at 445 Avenue and Highway 14 in Kingsbury County, SD. **

Clip 7 POV shot of a stop signing blowing wild in the in the hurricane force wind.

Clip 8 Side camera shot of the intense winds. You can see the location of the large Camper in the right side of the screen as the vehicle is being blasted by extreme high winds.

Clip 9 The winds wind from intense to extremely dangerous in a matter of seconds when I could no longer see the stop sign in front of the truck or even past the hood of the truck as the stop signed violently whipped in the wind until it was permanently bent sideways.

Clip 10 Side camera clip of the extreme winds just after they were at their peak. Notice the trailer is no longer visible.

Clip 11 POV shot of the stop sign now permanently twisted to the side as the winds still continued to blast the area.

Clip 12 UNCUT Clip of the roof mounted GoPro that shows the trailer parked there, then the insane winds and whiteout conditions, then the trailer was gone. The clip is 1:46 seconds long.

Clip 13 Roof Mounted GoPro after repositioning to face into the wind.

Clip 14 Side camera looking back south at the intersection.

Clip 15 POV Dash camera looking west. It shows the bent stop sign now facing west instead of north.

Clip 16 Looking west as the winds started to calm down and a SUV drives by.

Clip 17 As soon as the winds were calmer, the travel trailer that was parked across the road was now smashed up over 50 feet away in the middle of a bean field, from where it was parked before the storm.

Clip 18 – 20 Sheriff Deputy arrives on scene to check on the smashed trailer.

Clip 21 Within minutes of the storm passing, a rainbow was spotted behind the trailer.

Clip 22 Nearby farm with large tree branches down on the driveway.

Clip 23 Tree damaged by the winds.

Clip 24 Trampoline that was thrown across the farm into a row of trees.

Clip 25 Rainbow.

Clip 26 Wide shot of the rainbow.

**** Location Change to the east ***
Clip 27 – 28 Highway 14 at Brush Lake where a car was reported traveling westbound and blown off the road in the the eastbound lake shore.

*** Timelapse ***
Clip 29 Time Lapse of the storm north of De Smet