8/9/2015 IL and MO Severe Storms and Storm Damage B-roll

Severe storms erupted across eastern Missouri on Sunday evening and pushed into western Illinois leaving behind damage of trees and power lines all across the region. As of 11:30pm CDT, there were nearly 40 storms reports form the complex that rolled through Missouri and Illinois, including significant damage to a furniture store in Hoyleton.

Video package is two parts, the first of the storm damage in Hoyleton, Illinois and the second from the squall line as it impacted the area around De Soto, Missouri earlier in the day.

PART 1 (0:00-2:48): HOYLETON, ILLINOIS (Washington County), 45 minutes east of St. Louis just north of I-64.

A furniture store was nearly destroyed and three nearby homes were damaged when the roof was peeled off and hit the homes. There were no reports of injuries, however there are unconfirmed reports of a funnel cloud in the area. Ameren Utilities was on-scene repairing damage to the power lines that were damaged in the storm. Illinois Highway 177 was closed to through traffic in town as a result.

Scene 1: Shot of Hoyleton firetruck in the rain with part of a roof wrapped in the power line.

Scene 2: Shot from behind fire truck with roof in power lines.

Scene 3: Close shot of roof in power line.

Scene 4: Panning shot of debris in the power lines.

Scene 5: Shot of debris in the power lines.

Scene 6: Shot of fire truck blocking Highway 177 with destroyed building in the background.

Scene 7: Shot of building flattened, zoomed in as crews were still cleaning up power lines and a natural gas leak.

Scene 8: Wider shot of flattened building.

Scene 9: Tight shot of building damage.

Scene 10: Shot from behind damage building.

Scene 11: Wide shot looking down IL-177 with damaged power lines and emergency crews.

Scene 12: Roof insulation on the road.

Scene 13: Tree damage in a nearby yard.

Scene 14: Panning shot of tree damage.

Scene 15-16: Pieces of a roof lying against a nearby home, one of three that sustained minor damage from the flattened building.

Scene 17: Roof debris in a nearby driveway.

Scene 18-19: Tree and roof damage debris.

Scene 20-21: Wide shots of emergency crews on scene along IL-177 in Hoyleton.

PART 2 (2:49-5:10): DE SOTO, MISSOURI (Jefferson County), 30 miles south of St. Louis.

This part documents the early stages of the severe line of storms that developed across eastern Missouri earlier Sunday afternoon prompting a severe thunderstorm watch, numerous warnings, and dozens of wind damage reports.

Scene 22: POV driving shot approaching the storm north of De Soto, MO.

Scene 23: Storm clouds over town as the storm moves in.

Scene 24-25: Outflow winds on the leading edge of the storm clocking upwards of 50mph blowing through trees.

Scene 26-27: POV driving shots in heavy rain and wind.

Scene 28-31: Various shots of heavy rain and wind in street lights.

Scene 32-33: Large limb down in a De Soto street.

Scene 34: Large branch down in a yard.

Scene 35: Vivid lightning strike on the backside of the storm looking from De Soto.

Scene 36-39: Various lighting shots from the backside of the storm.