8/4/2015 Du Quoin, IL Street Flooding

Tuesday offered a taste of things to come for parts of southern Illinois as afternoon thunderstorms developed across the region, dumping copious amounts of rain in a 90-minute span late in the afternoon.  Doppler radar estimated as much as 6-inches fell in southern parts of Perry County, with as much as 4-inches in the city of Du Quoin where this video package is shot.  The storms prompted a flash flood warning for the area due to the excessive rainfall amounts falling within that 90-minute window.

But this could only be a taste of things to come as more rain, possibly upwards of 5 more inches, could fall across southern Illinois on Wednesday into Thursday morning.  Flash Flood Watches will go into effect Wednesday into Thursday for most of the southern Illinois.

Video package shot in the town of Du Quoin (pronounced DO-COIN) in Perry County.  This is approximately an hour southeast of St. Louis, Missouri.

Scene 1: POV driving shot into the city of Du Quoin in the heavy rains.

Scene 2-6: Various shots of traffic in flood waters along US-51 in downtown Du Quoin as the heavy rains fall.

Scene 7: Bicyclist in the heavy rains.

Scene 8-16: Various shots of traffic in flood waters along US-51 after the storm ended.  Over a foot of water covered the roads by this point.

Scene 17-18: hot of a pickup truck coming out of a neighborhood and turning onto US-51 through flood waters.

Scene 19-20: Shots of stopped traffic in flood waters due to a stalled minivan in a neighborhood street.

Scene 21: A group of kids and a dog in the flood waters in a neighborhood.

Scene 22: Oncoming pickup truck in a neighborhood flooded street.

Scene 23-26: Traffic turning into a shopping center that was flooded.

Scene 27-31: Various shots of a flooded parking lot in the middle part of the storm.