8/3/2015 Florida Heavy Rain Commute

Heavy tropical rains tormented commuters Monday on Interstate I-75 and the John Ringling causeway in Sarasota County. Heavy rain, road flooding and traffic along with shots of downtown Sarasota.

Shot list:
1) Dark clouds moving in over I75 in Sarasota County.
2,3,4) POV shots on I75 of traffic in extremely heavy rain.
5) Shot of highway warning sign while driving under it in heavy rain.
6,7) More POV shots of I75 in heavy rain.
8) Driving over Ringling bridge in rain downtown Sarasota.
9-17) Eight various shots of traffic flying through ponding water on Ringling causeway downtown Sarasota.
18) Wide show of Ringling bridge and downtown Sarasota.
19) Building obscured in heavy rain looking over bay waters.
20) Moored sailboats bouncing around in wind and rain.
21) Palm blowing in wind/rain.
22) Pelican on bay in wind/rain.