7/13/2015 Geneseo, IL Severe Hail Storm B-Roll

Severe storms as part of a two day outbreak erupted across eastern Iowa and moved across the river into Illinois bringing with it large hail that impacted areas from Davenport, IA into western Illinois. The storm moved into Geneseo, IL where it dumped 1.5-inch hail, even prompting county officials to sound the tornado siren as rotating clouds were observed near the city.

Geneseo, Illinois is along I-80 west of Davenport, IA and Moline, IL.

Scenes 1-5: Various shots of wall clouds and rotating clouds near the town of Geneseo.

Scene 6: Tight shot of SUV under a tree as large hail knocks down leaves and small branches and starts covering the road with hail.

Scene 7: Wide shot of SUV under tree during hail storm.

Scene 8: Shot of hail and leaves on the road.

Scene 9: Hail falling on the road.

Scene 10: Residential shot of hail falling on the road with tornado siren sounding in the background.

Scene 11: Hail coming down on the roof of a house.

Scene 12: Hail bouncing in the grass.

Scene 13: Car in the heavy rain and hail.

Scene 14: Rainbow after the storm had passed.

Scene 15: Shot of the tornado siren as it wailed in Geneseo.