7/12/2015 Central Minnesota Tornado & Lightning B-Roll.

Several tornadoes touched down in western Minnesota along with hail and high winds that made for a rough Sunday afternoon.

Clip 1 Tornado Siren blasting the warning for those outside near Glenwood, MN.

Clip 2 Brief tornado touched down just south of Elbow Lake, MN.

Clip 3-5 POV footage of the Tornado near Doran, MN

Clip 6 High winds south of Elbow Lake, MN.

Clip 7 Stop sign blowing in the wind near Elbow Lake, MN.

Clip 8 POV driving in very low visibility.

Clip 9 High Winds at an intersection northwest of Elbow Lake, MN from the roof camera.

Clip 10 – 12 High winds near Elbow Lake.

Clip 13 Lowering south of Elbow Lake.

Clip 14 – 15 Storm Damage in Glenwood, MN.

Clip 16 Low visibility east of Glenwood, MN.

Clip 17 POV Lightning east of Glenwood, MN.

Clip 18 – end. Vivid Lightning just south of Saint Cloud, MN.