6/28/2015 Saint Louis, MO area tornadic storms and flooding

Footage of powerflashes from tornadoes, close dramatic lightning flash, truck in ditch from tornado, dramatic time lapse of tornadic supercell with rotating wall cloud, shots of St. Louis metro City street flash flooding and tornadic storm slamming city.

All footage shot in evening daylight & darkness on June 28, 2015 in/near St. Peters, Eolia, and Brentwood in St. Louis Metro Area.

Shot List:

1.. POV driving shot of police vehicle passing en route to tornado with severe high winds blowing heavy rain & hail over roadway with tornadic supercell thunderstorm in Eolia, MO

2. POV driving shot of semi truck in ditch/median from tornado with emergency vehicles arriving on scene in Eolia, MO

3-5. various shots of tornado-warned supercell on Missouri-Illinois Border

6-8. various shots of rotating wall cloud with tail cloud and setting sun with tornadic supercell thunderstorm in St. Peters, MO (St. Louis Metro)

9. POV driving shot of high winds blowing heavy rain & hail in St. Peters, MO

10 & 11. POV shots of close dramatic lightning strike with tornadic supercell in St. Peters MO

12 & 13. POV driving shots of powerflash from possible tornado in Brentwood (St. Louis Metro)

14-16. POV driving shots of wall cloud and high winds blowing heavy rain/hail in Brentwood (St. Louis Metro) with traffic

17. Pushed-in shot of car turning around on flooded road from flash flood in Brentwood (St. Louis Metro)

18. POV driving shot of traffic driving through flooded road in Brentwood (St. Louis Metro)

19. Dramatic time lapse shots of powerful tornado-warned supercell thunderstorm over on Missouri-Illinois Border

20-25. various shots of rotating wall clouds on Tornado-warned supercell thunderstorm near Missouri-Illinois Border

26 & 27. shots of powerflash from tornado in Eolia, MO