6/28/2015 Missouri and Illinois Tornadic Storms And Epic Flooding

AN outbreak of severe weather slammed parts of Missouri and Illinois on Sunday evening bringing tornadoes, flooding rains, and hail. Video package includes footage from three different locations/events on the 28th. See description below for information on each location.

PART 1 – HANNIBAL, MO (MARION COUNTY) Wall Clouds and Funnels

A tornadic supercell developed northwest of Hannibal, MO and basically ran parallel to the Mississippi River nearly dropping several tornadoes along the way. The storm produced numerous funnels as it moved across the county, eventually crossing the river into Illinois south of the town. No tornadoes were confirmed with this storm.

Scene 1: A funnel cloud reaches nearly halfway to the ground near Hannibal with violent motion in the clouds.

Scene 2: Close-up of funnel cloud.

Scene 3: White funnel near Hannibal.

Scene 4-5: Developing funnel cloud over the trees.

Scene 6-7: Very large and low hanging wall cloud north of Hannibal.

Scene 8-9: POV driving shots of very low hanging wall cloud.

Scene 10: Developing Wall Cloud.

PART 2 – HAMBURG, IL River Flooding Closes Roads

The Mississippi River nears major flood stage and has lead to the closure of dozen of roads near the river, including nearly shutting down the small town of Hamburg.

Scene 11-18: Various shots include flooding in town as well as closed roads and highways nearby. Highway signs in flood waters as well.

PART 3 – ST. LOUIS, MO Flash Flooding Strands Cars

A tornadic storm cut a swatch across the western and southern suburbs with a reported tornado and torrential rainfall. Large hail was also reported in several places by this supercell as it moved southeast across the metro area.

Scene 19-20: POV driving shots in the storm as highway signs warn of the tornado-warned storm.

Scene 21-22: Motorcyclists fighting the heavy rains on I-55.

Scene 23: POV driving shot in heavy rains.

Scene 24: POV driving shot approaching a flooded road with stalled car in the water.

Scene 25: Shot of stalled car in water with emergency flashers as a minvan turns around and doesn\'t drown.

Scene 26: A white car surprisingly doesn\'t turn around and tries to plow through the waters only to stall out himself.

Scene 27: Shot from the side of both stalled vehicles in the flood waters.

Scene 28: Shot from the front as white car door is open with both cars stalled out.

Scene 29: Guy walks through the flood waters to the first car.

Scene 30: Two guys with first stalled car preparing to push it out of the water.

Scene 31: Guys pushing the first stalled car out of the water.

Scene 32: Shot head on as guys push white car out of the water.

Scene 33: Shot of water draining out of white car.

Scene 34: St. Louis firetruck with stalled car in water in the background.

Scene 35: Tight shot of stalled car in water.