6/17/2015 Rapid City SD Supercell, Hail and Storm B-roll

Amazing Timelapses of dramatic supercell thunderstorm near Rapid City, SD. Footage of large hail, wall clouds, and double rainbow near Rapid City, SD.

All footage shot during evening daylight of June 17, 2015 near Rapid City, SD.

Shot List:

1. POV driving shot of large ground-scraping wall cloud and mesocyclone over Rapid City, SD

2. pushed-in shot of wall cloud over Rapid City, SD

3-6. various timelapses of wall cloud and mesocyclone near Rapid City, SD

7-11. various shots of large hail falling and bouncing near Rapid City, SD

12. shot of Meteorologist Juston Drake hands full of large hail near Rapid City, SD

13. pushed-in shot of hands full of large hail accumulation near Rapid City, SD

14-20. various shots of wall cloud and dramatic mesocyclone structure near Rapid City, SD

21. POV driving shot of wall cloud passing over road near Rapid City, SD

22. shot of heavy hail and rain falling in Rapid City, SD with traffic passing

23-25. various shots of double rainbow near Rapid City, SD