6/17/2015 Hawk Springs, WY Hail Storm and Storm Structure

Two intense hail storms impacted the highway 85 corridor including the cities of Hawk Springs and Yoder, Wyoming during the early evening hours. Hail covered highway 85 at times and slowed traffic traveling through the area. A brief funnel cloud, and wall cloud was also observed.

Shot 1- Storm structure
Shot 2- Driving towards storm
Shot 3- small hail begins on highway 85
Shot 4- Hail increases in size
Shot 5- medium shot of hail
Shot 6- close-up of hail
Shot 7- traffic in hail
Shot 8- traffic in hail
Shot 9- hail close up
Shot 10- hail close up
Shot 11- hail close up
Shot 12- hail close up
Shot 13- storm and funnel
Shot 14- storm structure
Shot 15- wall cloud