6/9/2015 Central, MN Severe Storms B-Roll

Severe storms impacted the area of central Minnesota from Benson to Paynesville with vivid lightning and high winds. The first part of the video of the vivid lightning is by Benson, MN. The storm damage aftermath is in Paynesville, MN.

Clip 1 POV Driving shot heading towards the storm with vivid lightning north of Benson, MN

Clip 2 – 9 Tripoded clips of vivid cloud to ground lightning strikes north of Benson, MN.

Clip 10- 11 POV driving clip of lightning north of Benson, MN.

Time Code 1:33 to end of footage: Various clips of storm damage in Paynesville, MN

Clip 12 – 13 Paynesville Fire department truck blocking the road with debris in the road.

Clip 14 Tight shot of tree branch down.

Clip 15 – 17 Trees down along old highway 23.

Clip 18 – 19 Semi Truck Trailer blown over in the Cenex parking lot on old highway 23.

Clip 20 – 21 Medium and tight shot of a house damaged by the storm.

Clip 22 – 24 Footage of crews cleaning up down trees and close up of worker with a chain saw cutting up the trunk of a tree to make it small enough to handle.

Clip 25 Worker prepping chain saws for clean up work.

Clip 26 Tree blown apart by lightning and blown over on a house.

Clip 27 Worker on the roof with a tree that fell on it.

Clip 28 Crews cleaning up storm damage in the driveway.

Clip 29 Wide to push in shot of the crews cleaning up the down tree.

Clip 30 Medium shot of the base of the tree where you can see the burn marks from the lightning.

Clip 31 Tight shot of the burn marks on the down tree.

Clip 32 Very tight shot of the burn marks.

Clip 33 Trampoline damaged in the storm.

Clip 34 Wide shot of the damage with the trees down and Trampoline.

Clip 35 Tree branches down on a fence.