6/2/2015 North Dakota Tornado Warned Supercell

Spectacular timelapse of "LP" Supercell thunderstorm near Strasburg, North Dakota. Footage of rope funnel cloud, large hail, rotating wall clouds, mesocyclone, hail/rain shaft, and structure from supercells near Strasburg, ND.

All footage shot during evening daylight on June 2, 2015 near Strasburg, North Dakota.

Shot list:

1. wide timelapse shot of \"low-precipitation supercell thunderstorm\" rotating across shot near Strasburg, ND

2. pushed-in timelapse of rotating wall cloud, outflow, gustfront and rain/hail shaft near Strasburg, ND

3 & 4. various shots of striated tornado-warned supercell with wall cloud in Southern North Dakota

5 & 6. pushed-in shots of rope funnel cloud near Strasburg, ND

7 & 8. various shots of wall cloud and mesocyclone from supercell near Strasburg, ND

9 & 10. pushed-in shots of quarter-sized hail falling and bouncing on roadway near Strasburg, ND

11-14. various shots of wall clouds, mesocyclone, and updraft from severe supercell thunderstorm near Strasburg, ND