6/2/2015 Hemingford, NE Severe Storms B-Roll

Severe storms erupted across the northern Nebraska Panhandle Tuesday afternoon leading to numerous severe warned cells marching east across the western half of the state. Hail over an inch was reported on a few of the cells along with straight line winds.

Video package shot near the town of Hemingford in northern Box Butte County, mainly along US-385 and Highway-71.

Scenes include establishing shots of storm structure, then go into shots of the blinding rain and 1-inch hail. POV shots show tail lights of cars barely visible in the wind-driven precip. Next series of shots include a group of cars pulled off US-385, one of which was towing a boat that got blown over in the wind. Several shots show the tipped boat, which was uprighted with very minor damage. Various shots follow of hail falling, heavy rain and wind. Shot of penny-hail collected after the storm wrapped up with several shots of vivid post-storm mammatus.