3/14/2015 Hamilton County, IL Highway 142 Flash Flooding

Heavy rains on Friday lead to flooding all across southern IL. Rain totals of over 4 inches were common across the region with many other areas receiving upwards of 3 inches. Rains ended overnight in the region, but flooding remained a big concern as area creeks and rivers were full. The problem is only expected to get worse as area rivers will be on the rise into early next week.

Video package shot on Illinois Highway 142 north of Eldorado and south of McLeansboro. IL-142 remained open despite waters flowing over the road. I-Dot crews were on-scene monitoring the situation as waters were actually slowly rising. Over a mile-long stretch of the highway was affected by the water with many of the side roads completely covered and impassable as well.

Shots open up with various scenes with road closed signs near the flooded highway, then go into various shots of vehicles driving through the waters flowing over the road. General shots of the water covered highway and the fields, then shots of the nearby Contrary Creek which is partially responsible for the water overflow.