3/13/2015 Southern, IL Flooding

Record-breaking rains impacted the southern IL region on Friday the 13th as a storm system combined with saturated grounds from recent snow melts led to flooding across the area. Rainfall totals over 3-inches were common across southern IL within a span of 18 hours. Rain was still falling late in the evening as the storm system was finally winding down. NWS says it is possible some locations may max out over 4-inches before it is all said and done Saturday morning. Flood warnings were issued early in the day on Friday and will expire in the overnight hours.

The record was set at Paducah, just south of the Illinois border, where (as of 4:30pm CDT) 1.43-inches of rain had fallen, beating the old daily record of 1.23 set back in 1978.

Video package shot across southern Illinois and marked in four different towns. See shot sheet below for the scenes in each location. Generally, these areas are about 2 hours southeast of St. Louis, MO.

PART 1 of 4 (0:00-2:20) Herrin, IL in Williamson County.

Scene 1: Two truck in flooded roadway next to a Jeep tipped at a 45-degree angle into a ditch. Driver couldn\'t see where the road ended and drove the car right into the ditch. Two people are hooking the Jeep up to the tow truck in this shot.

Scene 2: Shot of tow truck and Jeep in flood waters.

Scene 3: Tight shot of Jeep as it is pulled from the ditch.

Scene 4: Side shot of Jeep as it sitting in the waters.

Scene 5: Side shot of tow truck and Jeep in the flooded road.

Scene 6: Wide shot showing freed Jeep and cop car that has the road closed.

Scene 7: Several people with the Jeep in the flooded road.

Scene 8: Shot of cop with bystander by the cop truck next to the flood.

Scene 9: Tow truck driving through the flooded road after pulling out the Jeep.

Scene 10: Long shot opening with shot of CAUTION WATER ON PAVEMENT SIGN then zooming in to a car ignoring the sign and driving through the flood waters anyway.

Scene 11: Car driving at the camera through flood waters.

Scene 12: SUV driving away from camera in flood waters.

Scene 13: White van driving at the camera through flood waters.

Scene 14: Car driving at the camera through flood waters.

PART 2 of 4 (2:21-3:19) De Soto, IL in Jackson County (Crane Road west side of town).

Scene 15: Road closed sign due to a washing out of the road from the flooded creek that took out the road leaving it impassable to all vehicles. The pipe under the road was shoved 7 feet over from the water.

Scene 16: Close shot of the washed away road with the pipe.

Scene 17: Panning shoot of the creek to the road.

Scene 18: Shot looking down the creek toward the road.

Scene 19: Wide shot of creek looking to the road.

Scene 20: Creek flow toward pipe.

Scene 21: Looking downstream over displaced pipe.

PART 3 of 4 (3:20-5:01) West Frankfort, IL in Franklin County.

Scene 22-28: Various shots of traffic navigating through a flloded intersection at IL-37 and St Louis Road near downtown.

Scene 29: Shot of road closed sign on Old Johnston City Road on the south side of West Frankfort.

Scene 30-33: Water over Old Johnston City Road on the south side of West Frankfort.

PART 4 of 4 (5:02-6:19) Zeigler, IL in Franklin County.

Scene 34: Establishing shot of water-covered Maple Street at IL-148 on south side of Zeigler.

Scene 35-37: Various shots of vehicles driving through the standing water.

Scene 38: Shot of parked vehicle in ponding along the side of a city road.

Scene 39: Wide shot of flooded street.

Scene 40-41: To close the package, irony shots of a sign for local politician, Jim FLOOD, who is running for Councilman, with the flooded Zeigler road behind the sign.