3/4/2015 Southern, IL Overnight Semi Crashes B-Roll


Heavy snow continued overnight across southern IL adding to an already huge mess of area highways. Another major accident temporarily shut down I-24 at Vienna when a semi truck lost control and went into the median. Other semi truck got stuck on the exit ramp to Vienna trying to clear the interstate. Cops eventually shut it down to clear it for traffic and spent several hours getting semi-trucks towed from the snowbanks.

Meanwhile on the other side of the interstate, an NBC affiliate had to get a tow themselves when their news vehicle got stuck in the snowbank going up to I-24 from Vienna.

Snow and ice covered interstates lead to numerous accidents and spin-outs all across southern IL overnight.

Scene 1: Wide shot of semi in the median, cops and stuck semis behind that, and a tow truck pulling the NBC truck on the right side.

Scene 2: Shot of semi-truck in the median.

Scene 3: The Exit 16 sign to Vienna in the foreground with the crashed semi-truck in the background.

Scene 4: Heavy falling snow obscures the view of the semi in the median of I-24 at Vienna.

Scene 5: Shot looking head on at the semi in the median.

Scene 6: Shot looking at the Exit 16 sign with a cop and stuck semi truck in the foreground.

Scene 7: Illinois State Trooper talking to one of the stuck drivers, informing him that he was off the road and cleared, so he\'d be responsible for getting pulled out, or was offered a ride into town to a motel. The driver would stay with his truck.

Scene 8: A shot of a semi stuck on the side of I-24 with a police car behind him in the heavy snow.

Scene 9: Wide shot of a semi truck with a cop behind it on I-24 at Vienna.

Scene 10: Shot looking up the exit ramp as a cop walks toward the camera and traffic finally starts to make its way up the ramp.

Scene 11: Jack-knifed semi in the background blocking the on-ramp into Vienna.

Scene 12: Shot of a stuck semi truck with cop in the background, kinda artsy shot showing the half-foot deep snow drifts on the road.

Scene 13: Shot of semi with cop behind it.

Scene 14: Driver returning to his stuck truck through the heavy snow.

Scene 15: Wide shot of closed exit ramp.

Scene 16: State trooper approaches a driver who got temporarily stuck on the ramp.

Scene 17-19: Tow truck pulling NBC affiliate truck from a snowbank.

Scene 20: Tight shot of front wheels spinning in place.

Scene 21: Tow truck finally pulls the news car free of the snow bank.

Scene 22-23: Stuck semi on the side of I-24 south of Vienna earlier in the evening.

Scene 24-25: Shots of traffic on I-24 moving in the very heavy falling snow.

Scene 26-28: Various POV night driving shots in the extremely heavy falling snow and very limited visibility on I-24.


A semi slide off IL-146 enroute to I-57 and jack-knifed and was stuck for nearly 3 hours. State police closed IL-146 at the I-57 junction at Anna while TWO tow trucks were called in to pull the semi out. The second truck that arrived, titled \"The Big Nasty\", was used with the smaller truck to straighten the trailer out, then the big one was able to pull it out of the snowbank/ditch and back on to IL-146. The tow trucks were on-scene for 90 minutes until they freed the truck just before midnight CDT. IL-146 was then reopened.

Video segment opens with establishing shots with the highway signs and the truck in the ditch, then transitions to where the tow trucks were on-scene and pulling the truck free. Various shots of the process it took to remove the semi from the ditch ending with the semi straight and free on IL-146.