3/4/2015 IL and KY Snow Storm Causes Crashes Everywhere B-Roll

The onslaught of this early March winter storm continues to hammer portions of the Ohio Valley. Motorists along I-24 near Paducah and in Massac County, IL near Metropolis had an extreme difficult time navigating the roads and interstates as heavy snow with flakes as big as half dollars accumulated at a rate of nearly 2-inches per hour during parts of the early evening. As of 7:00pm, up to 5-inches of snow had been reported near Paducah, KY.

Video package includes two parts, the first being from in and around Paducah, KY in McCracken County. The second part is shot from Massac County just north of Metropolis, IL. See description below for specifics.

PART 1: PADUCAH, KY (0:00-3:18)

Scene 1-2: Shots of the Kentucky State sign along I-24 on the north side of Paducah.

Scene 3: Paducah highway exit sign in heavy snow.

Scene 4: Shot out window passing an accident with a McCracken County sheriff on scene.

Scene 5-8: Various shots of accident scene where a woman rear-ended a semi-truck on I-24 on the north side of Paducah. No injuries reported. Woman from the car on cell phone.

Scene 9-11: Shots of a semi and a tow truck on the side of I-24 near Paducah in heavy snow. (scene 11 is an accidental duplicate of scene 9)

Scene 12: SUV backwards in center median of I-24.

Scene 13-14: Shots of a car that spun out into the median of I-24 near Paducah.

Scene 15: Rear-held camera passing snow plow on I-24.

Scene 16-18: Various snow plow shots on I-24.

Scene 19-20: POV driving shots of near zero-visibility driving on I-24.

Scene 21-23: Various shots of Paducah traffic near I-24.

PART 2: MASSAC COUNTY, IL north of Metropolis (3:18-5:40)

Part 2 primarily focuses on the blockage of Exit 27 along I-24 north of Metropolis where a semi-truck nearly jack-knifed, getting stuck on the off-ramp, and blocking it to other motorists. Several other vehicles, including semi-trucks, also got stuck as a layer of ice beneath nearly 4-inches of snow prevented any traction up the ramp.

Scene 24-25: Shots of the Illinois state sign on I-24 near Metropolis.

Scene 26: Panning shot of the closure of Exit 27 in Massac County north of Metropolis after a semi-truck jack-knifed near the middle of the ramp and blocked it to all traffic.

Scene 27: Shot of the semi blocking the exit ramp.

Scene 28-29: Tighter shots of the semi truck cab stuck in the snow and mud.

Scene 30: Another semi-truck hooked up via chain trying to pull the stuck semi free.

Scene 31: Man assessing chain in front of pulling semi.

Scene 32: Tight shot of wheels of the semi trying to pull the stuck one free just spinning on the ice.

Scene 33: Two men trying to weigh the chain as the semi attempts, but fails to pull the stuck semi free.

Scene 34: Shot of semi blocking exit ramp with pickup truck behind it.

Scene 35: Shoot looking down the exit ramp from behind truck showing semi and other vehicles behind it.

Scene 36: Shot of two stuck semis on the exit ramp in heavy snow.

Scene 37-38: Snowplow shots.

Scene 39: Two men at two vehicles scraping their windshield wipers free of built-up ice.