3/3/2015 Rice Lake, WI Winter Storm

Barron County Wisconsin gets plowed by a fast hitting winter storm.
Clip 1 –2. People shoveling snow.
Clip 3 – 4. Cars driving in the snow on main street.
Clip 5 – 7. Snow plow, plowing snow.
Clip 8. Looking North on a sidewalk with snow falling.
Clip 9. Fire hydrate becoming snow covered.
Clip 10. Heavy snow falling out on HWY 53 South bound lane.
Clip 11. Heavy snow falling with the bank temp.
Clip 12 – 13. Heavy snow falling with trees.
Clip 14. Heavy snow falling with trees and a dock that is on the shore.
Clip 15. Car sliding as it makes the turn.
Clip 16. Heavy snow falling with near whiteout conditions with an ice shack.