3/3/2015 Clearwater, MN Interstate 94 Crash Pile Up – B-Roll

New B-Roll footage of the chain reaction aftermath crash that shut down both lanes of Interstate 94.  

That is correct, not just one side of the Interstate but within a quarter mile of the east bound and westbound lanes of traffic
their were brutal wrecks that closed the Interstate in both directions.

Today was one of the worst for driving on Interstate 94 near Saint Cloud, MN. This morning\'s snow was the first major snow since the early November winter storm and most driver's in the region are not accustom to driving in the slick condition.

Per the Minnesota State Patrol Twitter account @MSPPIO_NW, #MSPnumbers St. Cloud area as of 10:30am: 31 crashes (4 inj. non-life threatening)& additional 17 VORs requiring tow/Trooper assistance.

Clip 1 Road Closed Warning Sign

Clip 2 Traffic backed up for miles on Interstate 94 as a flat bed truck hauls off one of the wrecked vehicles.

Clip 3 Only the Semi Trucks left on Interstate 94 as all the smaller vehicles were able to turn around and get off the interstate.

Clip 4 Crews loading up what is left of a white car that is only half a car remaining.

Clip 5 A destroyed red Ram Truck next to a State Trooper commercial vehicle stuck in the ditch as the Clearwater Fire truck backs up through the shot.

Clip 6 Wide shot of the Ram Truck and the State Trooper vehicle in the ditch.

Clip 7 Semi Truck crashed into the trees along Interstate 94

Clip 8 Wide shot of the west bound lanes of traffic with EMS on the scene.

Clip 9 State Trooper with a Silver GMC stuck in the ditch.

Clip 10 Semi truck being pulled out.

Clip 11 Wrecker crew hauling a cable.

Clip 12 – 16 Crews pulling one of the semi trucks out of the tree\'s as it is dragging a tree.

Clip 17 Jack Knifed Semi

Clip 18 – 20 Grain truck that broke it's back and in the ditch with it's cargo spilled out all over the area.

Clip 21 What is left of a Buick SUV being pulled onto a flatbed truck.

Clip 22 State Trooper walking in front of a flatbed truck loading another smashed up vehicle.

Clip 23 State Trooper inspecting the smashed up Buick as the tow truck driver moved the truck while he is still standing on the back of the flatbed to get out of the way of another big rig wrecker.

Clip 24 Wide shot of one of the crash scenes.

Clip 25 Another wrecked vehicle on a tow truck.

Clip 26 Looking back at the crash scene in the east bound lanes of Interstate 94.

Clip 27 Crews removing what was left of a rear bumper cover that was dragging on the ground.

Clip 28 Clearwater MN Fire Crews on the scene

Clip 29 Trooper and others looking at what remains of the Red Ram Truck.

Clip 30 Crew\'s pulling another semi truck back onto the road as another wrecker leaves the scene.

Clip 31 Wide shot of the clean up of the grain truck in the east bound lanes of I94.

Clip 32 A bobcat forklift picks up the axle from one of the semi trucks.

Clip 33 Piles of Grain on the side of the road.

Clip 34 Pullback shot of the traffic still stuck on I94 as crews work to clean up the mess.

Clip 35 Snow plow driving east in the west bound lanes to try and clean up the road before it is opened for traffic.