3/1/2014 Spring Grove, PA Icy Road Accident

Scene 1 – Rollback driving down icy road
Scene 2 – Crashed SUV with firetruck in background
Scene 3 – Crashed SUV with emergency vehicles in background / person walking up road
Scene 4 – Close up of crashed SUV on icy roads/sleet heard falling
Scene 5 – Close up of Southwestern Regional Police SUV (southern York County)
Scene 6 – Close up of hood from crashed SUV on snow covered ground
Scene 7 – Secondary view of crashed SUV with emergency vehicles in background
Scene 8 – Third view of crashed SUV & Emergency vehicles in background / car on shoulder in left side of shot
Scene 9 – Fireman waving to silver vehicle to proceed slowly/crashed SUV & emergency vehicles in background
Scenes 10 & 11 – Zoom out from crashed SUV to right pan/Rollback backing down roadway to get crashed SUV
Scene 11 – Debris from collision on side of road.
Scene 12 – Multiple angles of snack truck involved in collision with SUV
Scene 13 – Rollback with SUV
Scene 14 – Sleet falling on vehicle
Scene 15 – Police officer demonstrating slick road
Scene 16 – Penndot truck approaching and spreading salt on slick road