2/28/2015 Southern IL Nighttime Snow Wrecks

A quick hitting, yet powerful storm plowed across central/southern Illinois overnight Saturday into Sunday morning prompting winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories across the region.  Snow reports by midnight were upwards of half a foot along the I-64 corridor between St. Louis and Mt. Vernon.  Areas south of I-64 by as little as 20 miles received less than an inch to nothing further south.  Meanwhile in the harder hit areas, snow plows had a hard time keeping the roads clear as snow quickly accumulated and packed on the roads leading to countless spin-outs and accidents.

Video package shot in Jefferson County, IL along I-64 between Richview and Mt. Vernon and on I-57 surrounding Mt. Vernon.

Scene 1: POV driving shot passing a car spun out in the center median with police on scene.

Scene 2: POV driving shot passing an accident on the side of I-64.

Scene 3: Shot of IL State Police at the scene of a spin-out along I-64 eastbound.

Scene 4: Tighter shot of spun-out car with cop off to the side.

Scene 5: Dashcam shot of officer closing back door at the spin-out scene.

Scene 6: Police behind a vehicle that hit a guard rail and damaged front headlight.

Scene 7: Tight shot of police car in heavy falling snow.

Scene 8: Dashcam of accident on I-57 southbound south of Mt. Vernon with a police officer walking to the car.

Scene 9: Tight shot of officer at car in the median of I-57.

Scene 10-13: Shots of a van with a damaged front end on the side of I-57 on the north side of Mt. Vernon.

Scene 14: Semi truck stuck on the side of northbound I-57 north of Mt. Vernon.

Scene 15: Shot of a vehicle on the side of I-64 west of Mt. Vernon with flashers on.

Scene 16: Semi truck in a snow bank on an entrance ramp to eastbound I-64 west of Mt. Vernon.

Scene 17: Passing snow plow disappears in the snow being throw off I-64 west of Mt. Vernon.

Scene 18-19: POV driving shots of snowplow on eastbound I-64.

Scene 20-21: Shots of snow plows on side streets in Mt. Vernon.

Scene 22: POV driving shot following state police car with oncoming traffic in heavy snow.

Scene 23: POV driving shot of traffic in heavy falling snow on I-57 north of Mt. Vernon driving in ruts as snow accumulates 4-6 inches on the highway.

Scene 24: POV driving shot through heavy snow as distant vehicles with emergency flashers leads the way on I-57 north of Mt. Vernon.

Scene 25: POV driving shot of heavy snow in headlights along I-57 north of Mt. Vernon.

Scene 26: Oncoming traffic on I-64 eastbound to Mt. Vernon in heavy snow.

Scene 27-29: Various shots of traffic on I-64 west of Mt. Vernon in the heavy falling snow.

Scene 30: Shot looking straight down I-57 southbound with highway signs warning of slow traffic.