2/9/2015 Weymouth, MA Insane 7-Foot Snows

Incredible footage of Weymouth, MA buried under 5-7 feet of snow after 2+ feet fell on top of already deep snowpack. Kevin, long time resident, shovels walkway through 6-7 feet of snowpack.  He said \"Blizzard of \'78\" was worse, but it\'s hard to top the incredibly deep snow in Weymouth a town south of Boston.  Also footage of cars skidding, accidents, houses, apartments, and stores buried in deep snow.

All footage from morning daylight of February 9, 2015 in/near Weymouth, MA.

Shot List:

1-5. (first 1:06 mins) various shots with dialog from snow-shoveling Weymouth, MA resident, Kevin.  He\'s shoveling his walkway for his mailman through 6-7 feet of snowpack following 2+ feet from this storm and several feet from previous storms in the past 30 days.

5-7.. various shots of buried walkway and front entrance to apartment building in Weymouth, MA

8-10. various shots of men attempting to clear paths through deep snow with snow blower

11-13. various shots of cars buried under 2-3 feet of snow

14 & 15. shots of store front buried under 6-7 feet of snow

16. shot of deep snow drift against metal railing

17. pushed-in shot of \"McDonalds\" restaurant sign half buried in deep snow

18-21. various shots of houses half buried by deep snow

22 & 23. POV pushed-in driving shots of houses half buried in deep snow

24. wide shot of car spinning tires stuck in deep snow & finally pulls away

25. pushed-in shot of last car sliding to stop at intersection

26. pushed-in shot of traffic passing camera

27. driving shot of car stuck in deep snow pile on side of Highway near Weymouth, MA

28. driving shot slowly passing accident with police, fire, and medics on scene