2/9/2015 Historic MA Snowpack

Footage of over 2 additional feet of snow on already buried neighborhoods creating a historic 6-7 foot deep snowpack in the Boston Metro Area.  Footage of accidents and police assistance near Weymouth, 6-7 foot deep snowpack in neighborhoods forcing pedestrians to walk in the snow-covered streets surrounded by walls of snow, giant dangerous icicles, and armies of snow plows working to move the snow off roads.

All footage shot during afternoon/evening daylight on February 9, 2015 in/near towns of Weymouth, Hudson, and Boston, MA.

Shot List:

1. wide low close to road surface shot of snow plow approaching camera with huge piles of snow along roadway

2. driving shot of snowplow passing opposite direction in neighborhood buried in deep snow in Weymouth, MA

3. wide shot of several snow plows passing each other in downtown Hudson, MA

4. shot of plow clearing parking area near Boston, MA

5. pushed-in shot of snow plow passing camera with buried Weymouth, MA neighborhood in background

6. wide shot of trucks passing camera in Weymouth neighborhood buried by several feet of snow

7. pushed-in shot of pedestrians and traffic in downtown Hudson, MA

8. Driving shot of several police vehicles, road flares, and accident on highway near Weymouth, MA

9. Driving shot passing police vehicle following damaged car on side of highway near Weymouth, MA

10. wide shot of buried apartment entrance near Weymouth, MA with 6+ feet of snowpack

11. pushed-in shot of path cut into buried apartment entrance near Weymouth, MA with 6+ feet of snowpack

12. shot looking down buried neighborhood street in Hudson, MA with around 5-6 feet of snowpack

13-20. various shots of pedestrians making way through & around very deep snowpack in Weymouth and Hudson, MA

21-24. various shots of large dangerous icicles hanging from houses near Hudson, MA

25 & 26. wide and pushed-in shots of dam & waterfall on partially frozen Assabet River in Hudson, MA

27. pushed-in shot of American Flag waving in high winds with falling snow

28. wide driving shot of electronic highway sign with traffic in deep snow on highway with snow falling

29-31. various POV driving shots of traffic on snow-covered highway with heavy snow falling

32. wide POV driving shot of empty snow-covered highway with heavy snow falling and lined with snow-covered trees