2/5/2015 Iowa City, Iowa Blowing and Drifting Snow

A cold day across Eastern Iowa as temperatures fell to around -5F, motorists struggled in rural areas with drifting. http://youtu.be/l_NaUPWmJW4

1: Level B road with truck stuck
2: Drifted road with truck stuck
3: People shoveling snow
4: People shoveling snow
5: Attempt to save truck
6: Truck being pulled
7: Truck being pulled wide
8: Truck stuck on Highway 1
9: Truck stuck
10: Truck stuck
11: Railroad crossing
12 Rural road with drifts
13: Rural road with drifts
14: Rural residence with drifts
15: Corn stalk in deep snow
16: Iowa farm
17: Corn with 4-6 foot drifts
18: Corn with drifts
19: Corn with drifts and traffic
20: Sign covered in ice
21: Ice on a gutter
22: Bike locked in ice
23: Bike covered in ice
24: Bike
25: Temperature sign (5F)
26: Temperature sign wide
27: Shot of downtown Iowa City traffic