2/1/2015 Altoona, IA Blowing Snow & Clean-Up

Winds picked up Sunday morning causing blowing snow and low visibilities. Some locations saw over a foot of snow accumulation.

Shot 1: Truck spins out on highway and struggles to get traction
Shot 2: Snow blows off of rooftops in oldtown Altoona.
Shot 3: Man walks through large drift
Shot 4: Icicles and blowing snow off rooftop
Shot 5: Flags blowing in wind
Shot 6: Grader plows snow
Shot 7: Grader plows snow
Shot 8: Grader plows snow
Shot 9: Guy shoveling
Shot 10: Guy shoveling close up
Shot 11: Man cleans off windshield wipers
Shot 12: Man all bundled up walking in snow
Shot 13: Skid loader plows snow
Shot 14: Skid loader plows snow
Shot 15: Utility worker working on light poles
Shot 16: Skid loader plows snow