2/1/2015 Jackson, MI Winter Storm Hazards

Beginning of Winter Storm Warning in Southern Michigan

Storm system has brought several inches of snow to southern lower Michigan on Super Bowl Sunday. Many people are out and about even though roads are snow covered and slick. Plows are out trying to maintain the roads before the most intense part of the storm drops several more inches and blowing snow and wind begin to vamp up into the later afternoon, early evening and overnight.

Scene 1: Plow clearing road.

Scene 2: Man with snow blower, clearing parking lot.

Scene 3: Plowing parking lot.

Scene 4:Truck with plow traveling.

Scene 5: Man shoveling side walk.

Scene 6:Traffic with person walking.

Scene 7: Traffic.

Scene 8:Traffic and plow truck.

Scene 9: Traffic and plow truck.

Scene 10-11: Traffic.

Scene 12: Snow covered road and fish tail.