1/20/2015 Saint Cloud MN Clipper System Snow B-Roll

The clipper system moving through the upper Midwest moved through central Minnesota with snow fall that made for slick roads on Tuesday evening during the overnight hours.

Clip 1 Saint Cloud (STC) MN Police at the scene of VOR (Vehicle Off Road) at Highway 23 and 9th Avenue in downtown STC.

Clip 2 Towing company on the scene cleaning up the debris in the roadway.

Clip 3 Vehicle went over 50 feet off the road and up a embankment towards highway 23.

Clip 4 Tow Truck driver cleaning up the mess on 9th Avenue.

Clip 5 – 8 Various clips of the car off the road and on the embankment to highway 23.

Clip 9-10 Snow falling with street lights.

Clip 11 POV Driving in heavy snow on Interstate 94.

Clip 12 POV passing shot of a snow plow on Interstate 94.

Clip 13 – 15 POV shots of driving in heavy snow on County Road 75.

Clip 16 – 18 Traffic on Division Street in Saint Cloud, MN.