1/8/2015 Minneapolis MN Winter Storm

Heavy snow started falling just before noon today in the Twin Cities Metro area. Video from downtown Minneapolis and around the metro area interstate roads.

Clip 1 Minneapolis, MN Skyline

Clip 2-3 Traffic on Interstate 35w

Clip 4 Man walking across the street looking really cold

Clip 5 People walking across Nicollet Mall looking really cold.

Clip 6 Two men waiting to walk across the street looking really cold.

Clip 7 Woman walking across the street with her face covered by a scarf.

Clip 8 Pull back shot of a snow plow on Nicollet Mall.

Clip 9 Woman and two kids waiting to cross the street looking really cold.

Clip 10 – 11 Broom Sweepers cleaning off the snow from the sidewalk along Nicollet Mall.

Clip 12 Man on a bike

Clip 13 Woman walking in the snow

Clip 14 Traffic

Clip 15 Man walking in the snow, transitions naturally to a man on the bike behind him.

Clip 16 Man on a bike waiting for the light to change.

Clip 17 – 18 POV Snow Plow

Clip 19-20 POV passing shot of a wreck on the north side of town.

Clip 21 – 23 POV driving on 35W north into Downtown Minneapolis in Heavy Snow.