1/7/2015 Grand Marais, MN Brutal Cold Extreme Wind Chill B-Roll


Brutal Extreme Cold hit the Grand Marais, MN area this morning with wind chills in the -54F range at the airport just before 7:00 AM

Footage shot at the Grand Marais, MN Airport and in the city along Lake Superior showing extreme cold conditions.

Clip 1 Grand Marais, MN water tower at sunrise

Clip 2 Sunrise over Lake Superior

Clip 3-4 Temp showing -24F on a Thermometer

Clip 5 Wide shot of Grand Marais, MN looking down from the Gun Flint Trail.

Clip 6 Fog and Steam rising form Lake Superior which is still not frozen.

Clip 7- 8 Blowing snow and vegetation.

Clip 9 Sign for the Grand Marais, MN Cook County Airport.

Clip 10 Doug Kiesling doing stand up comedy… Talking about how cold it is and how I\'m going to freeze an egg to show how fast it will freeze to compare it to unprotected skin.

Clip 11 Setting up the time lapse, Two room temperature eggs cracked open and frozen solid within 9 minutes.

Clip 12 Talking about what I just did.

Clip 13-14 Computer screen inside the airport terminal showing the temp climbed to -22F

Clip 15 – 18 Blowing snow in the brutal cold winds at the airport.

Clip 19 Airport working walking in the cold and blowing snow.

Clip 20 Wind sock at the airport blowing in the wind.

Clip 21 – 22 More blowing and drifting snow at the Airport.

Clip 23 Man walking in the town looking very cold.

Clip 24 A couple walking along Wisconsin Street in Grand Marais, MN

Clip 25 Car driving on Wisconsin Street

Clip 26 Couple walking

Clip 27 Frozen harbor at Grand Marais, MN

Clip 28 A Woman sitting on a park bench and looking at the frozen harbor.

Clip 29 American Flag blowing in the wind.

Clip 30 A couple walking into the brutal wind and looking really chilly.

Clip 31 Same couple walking away from the camera.

Clip 32 Man pumping gas looking cold.