1/6/2015 Fulton, NY Lake Effect Aftermath Cleanup B-Roll

Footage of aftermath following intense lake effect snow band: large blocks of snow on vehicles, residential neighborhoods buried in deep snow, walls of snow lining roads and walk ways. People try to live & cleanup after nearly 2 feet of snow buried Fulton, NY.

All footage shot during morning (daylight) on January 6, 2015 in City of Fulton, NY

Shot List:

1 & 2. pushed-in shots of man clearing drive with snowblower

3. pushed-in shot of path through deep snow on side walk in residential neighborhood

4. shot of deep snow piles in front of shops in Fulton, NY

5. pushed-in shot of woman walking flanked by store fronts & wall of snow in Fulton, NY

6. pushed-in shot of vehicle covered in nearly 2 feet of snow in front of house
7. shot of residential neighborhood buried in deep snow

8. shot of van with foot and half of snow on top

9. pushed-in shot of residential street flanked by walls of deep snow

10. pushed-in shot of traffic on street flanked by walls of deep snow

11. pushed-in shot of school bus and children walking on snow-covered road

12. pushed-in shot of school bus passing camera on snow-covered road

13. pushed-in shot of SUV backing onto snow covered road

14. pushed-in shot of truck with block of snow on top of roof

15 & 16. pushed-in shots of buried yards & vehicles

17-19. various shots of buried car dealership

20. pushed-in shot of signs barely visible above deep snow

21. shot of restaurant surrounded by walls of snow

22. pushed-in shot of traffic & restaurant surrounded by high walls of snow

23. pushed-in shot of people walking through deep snow & traffic

24. pushed-in low-to-ground shot of traffic flanked by walls of snow

25. pushed-in shot \"17 deg F\" electronic sign showing temperature & deep snow with traffic on road

26-28. various shots of ruler measuring snow depth in field: placing ruler in snow & pushed-in shots of ruler