1/5/2015 Champaign, IL Alberta Clipper Winter Travel Mess

A fast hitting Alberta Clipper prompting WINTER STORM WARNINGS from the Dakotas to Ohio swept across the Midwest ahead of intense cold that will be settling in to the same region over the coming days. The storm was responsible for a mess in Iowa and eventually hit central Illinois with several inches of fluffy snow creating hazardous driving conditions. Near-zero visibility and slick roads lead to numerous people spinning out into ditches and made for a very slow drive across interstates 72, 74, and 57.

Three inches of snow had been measured in Champaign, falling between 6pm-11pm, however drifting snow was reported along with near-zero visibilities on the highways. A couple more inches of snow was expected overnight bringing area-wide totals into the 4-7 inch range in the short window of the clipper.

Video package shot in and around Champaign, Illinois where I-57 meets with I-72 and I-74.

Scene 1: POV shot arriving on-scene of a vehicle that had spun sideways on the ramp from I-57 to I-72 heading into Champaign. The exit was blocked.

Scene 2: Dashcam footage as two people attempt to push out the vehicle.

Scene 3-4: Handheld footage after a chain was hooked up to the Subaru and the Subaru was able to pull the car from the ditch. NATs of camera person directing driver of Subaru.

Scene 5: Unable to turn around, the driver of the red car reverses out of frame as the several blocked cars wait for him to clear.

Scene 6-7: Red vehicle takes the ramp backwards the entire way onto I-72 before he is able to turn around and face the right direction.

Scene 8-9: Jeep truck in the ditch off I-57 on south side of Champaign.

Scene 10-12: Car in the ditch of the side of I-74 in Champaign.

Scene 13: Semi-truck with flashers on the side of I-74 in Champaign.

Scene 14: Long POV shot as a semi-truck in the left lane passes and creates a ground blizzard in its wake, severely limiting visibility ahead.

Scene 15-16: POV shots following a snowplow in limited visibility due to blowing snow.

Scene 17-22: An auto parts store in Champaign had a steady stream of customers coming in for new wiper blades. Various shots of an employee changing out the blades on several vehicles in the parking lot. Final shot showing overflowing trash can of old wiper blades.

Scene 23-26: Various shots of people scraping off cars of the snow.

Scene 27-29: Shots of a snow plow clearing a strip mall parking lot.

Scene 30: Biker riding through snow.

Scene 31-33: Various shots of heavy snow falling in lights.