1/3/2014 Jackson, MI Winter Weather Advisory

A Winter Weather Advisory began during the early morning hours of January, 3rd, 2015 for the majority of southern lower Michigan bringing a wintery mix. Snow transitioned over to freezing rain resulting in slick roads, with highs hovering right above freezing. Plows were out salting the roads as motorists were going about their Saturday morning business.

Scene 1: Credit Union sign with current temperature.

Scene 2-7: Plows salting roadways.

Scene 8: Cows in freezing rain.

Scene 9: Man shoveling sidewalk.

Scene 10: Truck in ditch.

Scene 11: Man walking on slick pavement with traffic.

Scene 12-14: Traffic on icy roads.

Scene 13: Man shoveling parking lot.

Scene 14-16: Traffic on icy roads.