12/27/2014 Nashville, TN Wet Roads Slow Traffic

A wet, rainy Saturday across middle Tennessee slowed after-Christmas traffic all across the metro area and even lead to a couple accidents due to hydroplaning and low visibility.  Areas around Nashville received just under half an inch of rain through the day on Saturday (Nashville International Airport measuring .30\" by 6:30pm Saturday).

However, Flash Flood watches are in effect across portions of southern TN south of Nashville through midnight on Monday as more rain is expected to move into the region over the next 24 hours.  Rainfall amounts in these areas could approach 2-3\" with locally higher amounts through Monday morning.  The Nashville area itself could see upwards of 1.5\" in that time period.

Video package shot in and around the Nasvhille area.

Scene 1-3: Establishing shots on I-40 of a highway sign signaling motorists to use headlights in rainy conditions.

Scene 4-6: POV shots of the remnants of a roll-over accident on I-40 east of Nashville involving a moving truck that\'s contents were scattered across the median.  Reports are the vehicle lost control due to hitting some standing water on the crest of a hill.  Both occupants had minor injuries and people were on-scene cleaning up the contents of the truck when video was shot.

Scene 7-8: Shots of traffic backup in opposite lanes.

Scene 9-10: POV driving shots in the westbound backup before the crash site.

Scene 11-12: Static shots of I-40 cars driving through rain.

Scene 13-15: POV driving shots showing limited visibility in rain and splash back.

Scene 16: Shot of traffic stopped at a light in the rains.

Scene 17: Shot of rain falling on street as car passes.

Scene 18-19: Shots of American Flags billowing in the breeze, drizzle with grey skies behind them.

Scene 20: Shot of cars driving away in the rain.