12/27/2014 Twin Cities Early Morning Snow Cleanup B-roll


New footage from the snow that fell in Rice Lake, Wisconsin this morning.

Scene 1. Person on a tractor plowing snow.
Scene 2. Grader plowing snow.
Scene 3. person shoveling snow.
Scene 4. Flag blowing in the wind/blowing snow.
Scene 5. Blowing snow off a church roof.
Scene 6. Bank temp.
Scene.7. Stop light with snow falling.
Scene.8. Snow covered trees along a trail.
Scene 9. Closer view of the snow covered trees along the trail.
Scene 10. Snow covered trees along a different.
Scene. 11. Car driving on snow covered main street.
Scene. 12. Trucks driving on snow covered on streets.
Scene. 13 14 Another grader plowing snow.