12/26/2014 Twin Cities Intense Heavy Snow And Wrecks

Video Package of the Intense Heavy Wet Snowfall and Wind that has developed and continues to train over the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area creating dangerous driving conditions on ice covered and snow packed roads leading to countless crashes, roll overs and spin outs!

Video Footage Includes:

1. Serious Injury 7 car crash in Minneapolis With cars in the ditch, into the guard rail and into each other with police on the crash site.

2. Car spun out into the guard rail on 35W in Minneapolis.

3. Minneapolis MN MSP Airport with Intense Heavy Snow Falling and close range De-Icing Footage from near the De-Ice Pad on main runway.

4. Jet taking off into the intense heavy wet snow with poor visibility on the airport field.

5. Jet Landing at night into the heavy snow and crosswind with snow covering the runway.

6. Car crashed into the guard rail near St.Paul MN.

7. Person clearing heavy wet snow from their vehicle.

8-10. MNDOT Snow plow footage with many different point of view shots.

11. Intense heavy snow with lights in the background