12/25/2014 Saint Cloud, MN Snow & Travel Hazard B-Roll

While the Twin Cities metro area escaped the latest round of winter weather, once again the city of Saint Cloud, MN in the far northwest suburb got several inches of snow along with slick roads from the freezing drizzle.

Clip 1 Snow falling with a street lamp

Clip 2 Pull back shot of a car in the ditch and a police squad car on the side of the road.

Clip 3 Truck spinning its wheels on slick roads.

Clip 4 Side tracking shot of a snow plow on Highway 15

Clip 5 POV shot of a snow plow on Highway 23

Clip 6 Tight shot of the snow plow blade

Clip 7 Traffic on highway 23 with snow falling and a snow plow passing as the camera pans with the traffic and snow plow.

Clip 8 POV Following snow plow on Highway 23.

Clip 9 – 10 Crash on Interstate 94, wide and tight shot.  

Clip 11 Star Tribune truck spinning its tires on the slick road.

Clip 12 Salt truck treating a parking lot.

Clip 13 Snow covering the grass and trucks at a auto dealer in Saint Cloud.