12/16/2014 Saint Cloud, MN Black Ice Travel Hazard I-94

The dramatic drop in temperatures over the last 12 hour\'s with highs in the upper 40s to overnight lows in the low 20s made for extremely dangerous black ice conditions on Interstate 94 near Saint Cloud, MN.

Clip 1 Snow plow rear camera

Clip 2 – 3 Snow plow POV

Clip 4 close up of an SUV Spinning its tires on the glare ice.

Clip 5 – 6 POV shots of Semi Truck in the center ditch on Interstate 94.

Clip 7 POV driving in snow

Clip 8 – 10 Semi truck half in the ditch along Interstate 94

Clip 11 – 12 Snow clean up with a bucket loader.